Our Top Tips for saving you time in the kitchen

It was our desire to create quick, simple tasty meals whilst remaining true to our Punjabi roots that led to us creating our range of sauce blends.

We wanted to create products that would save you time in the kitchen helping you to make an authentic tasting quality dish in less than half the time. So we do all the grinding of the spices, the chopping, the dicing, the balancing of flavours – all you need to do is add water, oil and a protein of your choice.

We are big fans of saving time in the kitchen – we want to spend more time with our family and friends enjoying eating the food rather than hours cooking in the kitchen. So here are some of our top tips to save you time in the kitchen too – hope you find some of them useful:

1) Cut up your Veggies once or twice a week
For soups, salads and main dishes cut up your veggies for the week and store in the fridge in air tight containers. This way, you’re only pulling out the utensils and tools used for slicing,
dicing, grating and chopping once – and only cleaning up once.

2) Invest in a good set of knives and keep them sharp
This will speed up all your cutting and prepping

3) Double up on portions
Cook double the amount and put a portion in the freezer for another meal later in the week

4) Make Packed Lunches before you clean up
Make your packed lunches for the following day before you clear all the evening dinner away – saves you getting out all the utensils again and making another mess!

5) Plan Ahead
Plan your weekly menu in advance – eliminates the “What on earth can I make for dinner tonight?” dilemma!

Here’s to saving you time in your kitchen!

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