Why our products are NOT spice kits!

I’m not denying spice kits can be very useful when cooking up Indian food – but when you’re a busy working mum of 4 like myself, time is precious and simplicity and convenience are key!
This is why, along with my sister, I have spent years developing these dry sauce blends drawing on all the authentic Punjabi recipes and cooking that my mother and aunties taught us when we were little.

These sauce blends are definitely so much more than a spice kit – and here’s why we think they are better:

1) Apart from oil, water and the protein of your choice you don’t need to buy any extra ingredients (no onions, garlic, tomatoes) – everything is already in there for you in the right quantities
2) You save time – no more chopping, peeling, adding
3) Goodbye itchy sore red eyes – as you don’t need to chop the onions!
4) You will get a truly authentic Indian meal – as we have spent years developing the perfect blend – so you don’t have to!
5) Great value for money as you don’t need to spend money on the extra ingredients
6) Much quicker – you will have an authentic tasting curry in half the time
7) Easy – so any “non-cook” can create a great tasting meal
8) Last – but definitely not least – they taste delicious!

Honestly – it’s that good! Honestly – it’s that easy!

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