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Born and bred in London, I thank my extended Pakistani family for giving me the opportunity to experiment with cooking from a young age. Cooking and learning from my mum, aunties and sisters has equipped me with the skills and palate to develop the sauce blend that grew into the Honestly Co. that you see here today.

As a working mother of four, I often came home lacking the energy to begin the laborious cooking process. I wanted my children to know their heritage and to experience family fresh, healthy, traditional meals, however, I knew too well how time-consuming this could be. Joining forces with my sister, Noreen, so began the story of Honestly Co.

Our passion stemmed from a need to make daily meals simple, easy and quick whilst remaining true to our Punjabi roots. Our easy to follow convenient sauce blends provide you with a multitude of traditional dishes prepared in half the time, suited to a modern busy lifestyle. It really is that simple even a novice can follow the instructions and achieve an authentic tasting meal, no preparation time is needed. Our product is so versatile it can be a gourmet base product for a chef who can tweak with further ingredients and spices and still save time on preparation.

Noreen and I hope you will enjoy our products and tasty recipes.


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